Ching-Yi Lin Entrepreneur of the Month

Ching-Yi was named Indiana University's Entrepreneur of the month. This articles describes her career path beginning with her undergraduate studies and ending with her current work at the Western Kentucky University. 

Jacobs School of Music Ching-Yi article:    

PJS: How do your skills as a performer, an educator, and an entrepreneur build on each other in your job? Which aspects of each role are different, and which are similar?

CYL: I’m very fortunate to have such a multifaceted job. No two days are ever the same! I get to engage in almost every aspect of music: collegiate violin lessons, beginner group classes for four year-olds, performing solo and chamber recitals, managing the operations of the Pre-College program, teaching violin pedagogy courses, and undertaking pedagogical research. With all of these different roles, my most important guiding principle is to stay flexible, to be comfortable operating in different realms … [and] to avoid applying the same paradigm to each problem. That being said, different aspects of my work benefit each other. For example, a performance can serve multiple functions: community outreach, engagement with supporters/donors, serving as a role model for students, and increased university public exposure. Even though each function seems different, they’re all serving the overarching purpose of music education.

Ching-Yi Lin